Renew Microsoft Solutions Architect Expert Certificate

The good news is that the renew process is free; Microsoft provides a set of training modules that cover the content for renew examination – a 45-miniuts free online assessment.

The renew assessment covers following major components on Azure:

  • Holistic monitoring strategy
  • Well-Architected Framework performance & security
  • Azure infrastructure & Azure site recovery
  • Virtual machine protection in Azure Backup
  • SQL database recovery & backup
  • Cost insights through monitoring and analytics
  • Analyzing Azure infrastructure in Azure Monitors in logs

The set of the modules includes the following in Microsoft official descriptions:

  1. Design a holistic monitoring strategy on Azure
  2. Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework – Performance efficiency
  3. Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework – Security
  4. Protect your Azure infrastructure with Azure Site Recovery
  5. Protect your virtual machines by using Azure Backup
  6. Back up and restore your Azure SQL database
  7. Use monitoring and analytics to gain cost insights
  8. Analyze your Azure infrastructure by using Azure Monitor logs
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August 17, 2021