Creating Azure Monitoring Dashboards

To increase levels  of operational visibility, dashboard based on data collected holistically from an organizational business performance is vital to convey useful information for different user groups or targeted audience such as C-level management leaderships. For whatever business purposes, we collect related data or dat points  first.

For resources running in Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms, data collection and visualization, click a topic title below to  read the related documentations from Microsoft:

  1. Visualizing Data from Azure Monitor
  2. Creating Azure Dashboards in Programmatically
  3. Sending Databricks logs and metrics to Azure Monitor

and finally, Azure with JavaScript, cool!

Anyhow and before moving further, here is a talk about “3 pillars” of the data observability, which serves as the pre-requisite knowledge to continue for the effort of creating visualized dashboards. It addresses the types of data to be collected: Metrics, Logs, and Distributed Traces and to be served for the purpose of the data observability.

Link to the practice in JavaScript against Azure resources…

Excellent post on executive dashboards, click here.


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August 31, 2021