AWS Big Data Analytics

Install AWS development tools on one of your EC2 instances to compile data files downloaded from TCP-H:

sudo yum group install Development Tools

and then, change directory to the location, usually at dbgen folder for the TCP-H toolset to be compiled by first editing the file makefile.suite.

In your text editor, go to line 103 or the section ## CHANGE NAME OF ANSI COMPILER HERE, enter gcc for the C compiler, POSTGRES for the database, LINUX for the machine, and TPCH for the workload. Save the file, and command gcc to compile the tool by typing make to execute.

Now, we command the tool to create the datasets in tables we need by executing the command line below:

export DSS_PATH=@HOME/[your dataset folder]

and then,

./dbgen -v -T o -s 10

The last option input 10 creates a 10GB dataset.


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February 18, 2018